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Greetings everyone!

Fernehalwes here again. I finally find a little time to sit down and start chipping away at the mountain of work piling up in my in-box, and what do you know? The BG team decides to have a full-blown rave party right behind my desk!

“How deep should this pit go?”

“Where do we put these impaling spikes?”

“Blah blah blah blah!”

Can’t you guys see I’m trying to think up witty quips to add to my next Developers’ Blog post!? Don’t make me come over ther—

Wait a minute...

Could that be...?

Those full-bodied locks...

Those scintillating accessories...

That aura of mystery...


Why, hello, Yoshi-P! How are you doing this lovely day? Checking out the BG team’s work, are you? What do you know!? I was just marveling their work myself! Quite the superb job, if I do say so. What’s that? Shut up and let you continue doing your final check of the new “ruins” dungeon? But of course, sir! My apologies! You know, those are some fine ruins there, yes indeed. And those puzzles! Boy, will the players love those puzz--

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Blog wrote:
Those full-bodied locks...

Those scintillating accessories...

I have to admit this made me laugh.
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