These Grand Company Colors Don’t Run! (07/20/2012)

As a crisis of untold proportions approaches, now more than ever the Grand Companies of Eorzea have need to bolster morale among their ranks. The bonds between Serpent, Storm, and Flame must be tempered with the strength of comradery and kinship before the three can stand together in the face of the coming danger.

To this end, the Grand Companies seek to rally the patriotism of their adventurers by having them design their own heraldic banners. Held high and made full by the winds of change, these sigils shall raise the spirits of all Eorzeans who gaze upon them, and strike fear into the black hearts of any Garlean or beastman hapless or fool enough to stand opposite them on the field of battle.

A whole slew of prizes are at stake, so make haste to the official forums to find out all the details!



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