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Time again for Hot Read Thursday, the last one until December considering next week's Thanksgiving holiday! Of all the major holidays, Thanksgiving may be my favorite. Family, food, football and fitness (I still plan on trekking to the gym that morning). And, of course, plenty of time for gaming during the holiday weekend. What's not to love?

For this week's HRT, I'm focussing on a few bulletins from the development team released during the past week. It wasn't long ago that we learned about the long-term plans for Version 2.0. Easy to forget we have another big patch scheduled to arrive next month, isn't it?

On with the links:

Title: Class Reforms

The uni-class nature of Final Fantasy XIV is on the cusp of changing dramatically, as indicated by the contents of this announcement about class reforms. There's lots of interesting stuff in here. Doing away with tiered magic, making traits class-specific and limiting shield skill to gladiators all sound fine by me. Of course, not everyone agrees, and some healthy debate can be found in the responses of this thread.

Title: Changes to Gear Dyeing

Final Fantasy XIV is dyeing! Get it? Anyway, the gear-dyeing process as it stands is convoluted and strange, changing the stats of your item according to which color you want it to be. As a gladiator, this means wearing lots of red whether I want to or not. Fortunately, Patch 1.20 will bring changes so that you choose your stats before setting your final color. This system of changing the color of your armor still seems overly complex to me, but I'll withhold judgement until I see the final result.

Title: Changes to Repairs

More repair adjustments are coming in Patch 1.20, but these adjustments won't completely alter repairs the way Patch 1.19 did. However, I'm always happy to see the death of another useless menu screen from the game's still-clunky user interface. Here's hoping we continue to see a more serviceable UI until the completely revamped UI of Version 2.0 is upon us.


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