The ZAM Pumpkin Carving Contest Returns!

It’s that time of the year again – the time where no pumpkin is safe from the creative endeavors of the artistic adventurers of Eorzea! The 2nd annual ZAM Pumpkin Carving Contest has returned and adventurers are once again tasked with showcasing their pumpkin carving skills!

Carefully select your victim-er…pumpkin, purchase a new carving knife from the Market Wards, and add your carving skills to your action bar! Your city-state, or Grand Company allegiance, matter not as everyone the world over is able to take part in the festivities! Flex those creative muscles as you render your favorite masterpieces from FINAL FANTASY XIV and compete for a treasure trove of prizes that rival the rewards from even the toughest instanced raid!

Check out FINAL FANTASY XIV ZAM for a complete list of rules, entry details and prize information!

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