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The next segment of the Golden Tri-Force has been slated for a (hopeful) Sept. 30 release date, and I couldn't be more excited. This patch promises to bring some Final Fantasy to Eorzea, ushering in the new era of airships and chocobos. Producer Yoshi-P has teased us with numerous bulletins about what else to expect, including more inventory space, materia, beastmen strongholds and more. And we're also starting to see glimpses of what we can expect down the road, perhaps with the implementation of Patch 1.20? If 1.19 goes in as planned, then I'd expect 1.20 to be implemented sometime in November.

Anyway, on with the links:

Title: Letter from the Producer, XVIII

Yoshi-P is at it again with another friendly letter to players. This time, he confirms the development team's plans to have the patch in place Sept. 30, although he leaves some room for pushing the date back a few days, which caused a few mumbles and grumbles around the forum. However, the more impactful piece of Yoshi-P's short letter seemed to be the part about giving players an extra 100 armor slots each. Just think... in just two weeks or so, we're going to get a patch to go along with all of this awesomeness.

Title: Upcoming Famitsu: Job Info Teased?

It's a harp! It's a quiver! It's a harp! It's a quiver! Or, as I say in the thread, the strange object attached to the one job's bow may just be the most inefficient quiver known to man! In any case, the upcoming addition of Famitsu magazine has what appears to be some of the upcoming FFXIV jobs on its front cover. Most of the jobs look very traditional, and guessing what they are isn't difficult. However, the archer-like job with the weird bow-quill definitely has some people guessing.

Title: Details on Materia Craft

Looks like the development team found a way to keep us busy for a long time! My favorite part of the materia system is that you can go for an awesome weapon infused by multiple materia pieces, but you must do so at your own risk. The materia system looks fun and interesting, and I love the risk involved to get the best rewards. Some people may complain about this, but to me this is a win that will be me something to work towards when others are not online.


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