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The sad news is, looks like Part 2 of the Triforce Patch, a.k.a. Patch 1.19, has been delayed until late September. (awwwwww.)

The good news is, IT'S HOT READ THURSDAY TIME!!!!!1!1

OK, so maybe Hot Read Thursday isn't very exciting next to the monstrous list of improvements Yoshi-P has unveiled for Patch 1.19. At least we can have fun talking about what's coming, right? Two of this week's featured threads focus on upcoming improvements to the game. The third thread I picked because, well, you'll have to read on and find out!

On with the links:

Title: Letter From the Producer XIV

In his latest letter to players, Yoshi-P informs us of all we can look forward to in Patch 1.19 -- chocobos, beastmen strongholds, a new low-level dungeon, more missions, more quests, basically more of everything. Not to mention the development team has decided to implement a slew of class changes ahead of schedule, so that we can have more time to test the changes and give feedback. Reading the responses in this thread, I see fewer complaints of the patch being delayed than there probably would have been a few months ago. Perhaps this is a sign that players are satisfied with Patch 1.18? Or perhaps people can simply see all the WIN in the fine print?

Title: Synthesis Recipe Revisions

Say goodbye to the Final Fantasy XIV version of crafting. You know what I'm talking about. If you want to build a paper airplane in this game, you can't just buy a piece of paper and fold it -- you literally have to build a saw to cut down the tree, build a mill to process the wood, create dye to whiten the paper, forge metal for the nose paperclip, etc. Finally realizing crafting was a hair to complex, upcoming recipes will be simpler to make, as well as more feasible, given the game's low population and slow economy. A big thumbs-up to the development team for making this happen! Crafting can still be fun without being a roadblock.

Title: It Finally Happened...

I'd like to say I included this thread in this week's Hot Read Thursday because it's an optimistic commentary about changing attitudes toward this game. Really though, the main reason I included this thread is the comment seven posts down, and then the ensuing reply. It's been awhile since I saw someone win a thread so handily and with so few words!


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