Synthesis Recipe Revisions (08/18/2011)

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[dev1016] Synthesis Recipe Revisions

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* The following revisions are planned for patch 1.19. All changes listed are still in development, and therefore subject to change.

* Patch 1.19 will see existing synthesis recipes revised, and new ones added.

The patch will introduce new recipes designed with accessible synthesis in mind. Barring some exceptions, the new recipes will boast simplified steps and ingredients over existing ones.

  • The following adjustments will affect new recipes only.
  • Old recipes will remain valid concurrently with new recipes for a time, after which they will be removed completely.

The new recipes will boast the following refinements:

+ Abolishment of Parts from Synthesis

At present, the requirements for synthesizing parts (such as weapon heads and cuts of fabric) are frequently higher than those of the item itself. It is also often the case that skills in a secondary class are required. These two factors combine to render the synthesis a demanding process. In addressing this issue, as a general rule, new recipes will no longer consist of parts.

The following is a recipe comparison of two armor pieces belonging to the same rank range.

Current Recipe (Hempen Doublet)
1 hempen doublet front
1 hempen doublet back
1 pair of sheepskin shoulder guards (taupe)
1 sheep leather strap (taupe)
1 pair of hempen sleeves
1 spindle of hempen yarn

New Recipe (Hempen Doublet Vest)
1 bolt of undyed hempen cloth
1 spindle of hempen yarn
1 circle of sheep leather
1 copper ingot

+ Revisions to Materials and Intermediary Materials

While there are numerous types of materials and parts in existence, low market demand has resulted in shortages for a large number of items. In addressing this problem, we will gradually do away with intermediate materials that find little use, leaving only those that are central to synthesis. At the same time, we will narrow the gap between the requirements to equip and synthesize gear (across all steps).

* Please be aware that certain materials will become obsolete when the old recipes are phased out.

+ Removal of Secondary Skill Requirements

Many of the current recipes have a secondary class requirement, forcing players to develop skills in multiple crafting disciplines. New recipes, however, will not require secondary skills at this point in time.

* In the future, it will be made so that players benefit from developing skills in multiple disciplines.

+ Removal of Crafting Facility and Treatise Requirements

As with secondary class skills, crafting facilities and treatises are virtually essential for current recipes. New recipes, however, will require neither at this point in time.

* Alternate uses are being considered for crafting facilities and treatises.

+ Simplified Color Customization

Currently, players can customize the color of their item only by using colored intermediary materials. This process is rendered extremely complicated due to the fact that intermediary materials come in various hues, along with the existence of dedicated dyes for different types of material (lumber, cloth, metal, and leather).

The new recipes will allow players to color-customize items in a single step by using dyes. Furthermore, universal dyes will be introduced that can be used across all material types.


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