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Exciting times about in Eorzea, where a week ago we experienced the first of the massive patches (should we really be calling it a patch?) to change the landscape of Final Fantasy XIV. Although the patch was not without its detractors, for once the positives far outweighed the negatives. I, for one, am greatly enjoying the new company quests, and how battle has changed with auto attack has already made the game feel more thoughtful. Much of the past week has been spent discussing the various changes introduced to our in-game world, which is why this week’s Hot Read Thursday threads all have to do with Patch 1.18.

Now, on with the links:

Title: 1.18 a flop?

This is one of those cases when I really wish I could change the title of a thread. In this case, a better title would have been, “Opinions about 1.18,” because this title makes it seem as if people are unhappy. As always though, I refrained. This thread has some great discussion about how the thread changed the game, and also replies from many players who were very pleased with how the patch turned out.

Title: Separation Anxiety: XIV and the eventual alienation

Thanks to Sephrick for posting this poll about whether Square Enix should tailor FFXIV toward hardcore or casual gamers, or possibly even both crowds. As it stands, the infrastructure is in place for both hardcore and casual gamers to finish content, but must one side give for the other side to be at its best? The majority of poll voters believe SE should continue catering to both demographics, but what do you think?

Title: Mage & Melee Can Stop the QQs

Perhaps the biggest complaint about Patch 1.18 is how it changed the battle system by affecting magic points use and curing spell allocations. Many people were shocked by how battles suddenly required conscious effort and thought. Well never fear, because the OP of this thread compiled a fantastic guide showing how mages and melee can get by in the post 11111111211-Fantasy Era. Unfortunately, a significant amount of QQing happened anyway, even in this very same thread – just proof that some people like their games easy.


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