Linking Forum Character Data (06/23/2011)

A new function for linking in-game character data with player profiles will be installed as part of the regular Forum maintenance scheduled for June 28th 2011 (Tue).

Please read on for further details or visit the Lodestone.

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We would like to announce a new function enabling players to link character data to their forum profiles. This feature will go live as part of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Forum maintenance scheduled for June 28, 2011.

At present, players are required to use a Square Enix ID when logging into the forums. Characters on the service account associated with this Square Enix ID will now be displayed in forum profiles. Players with more than one character registered to their account may select which character to link.

After logging into the forums following the maintenance, players will be taken to the Profile Settings screen and asked to choose an active character. Forum posts cannot be made until a character has been selected.

Forum profiles will now display the following:


  • Character name 
  • World name 
  • Up to three classes and ranks of a player's choosing 

* The above information cannot be hidden.


Players will retain forum handles.


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