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As we cross into the month of June, we draw ever so much closer to the upcoming battle system changes. The new battle system will definitely give us plenty to talk about on the forums; but until then, all we can do is speculate. This week's Hot Read Thursday threads focus on what may come this month or in the weeks soon after, including the battle system changes and the upcoming materia system. As usual, opinions run the range of whether these changes will be good or bad, but I for one am excited by the winds of change.

It's getting late, in fact it's almost not even Thursday anymore! So I will not hesitate any longer...

On with the links:

Title: Early June everything will be clearer.

So many questions linger as we head into what may be the game's most important month since launch. When will we learn more about the Playstation 3 version of the game? How will the new battle system play out? Which other changes can we expect to occur in the game after the battle changes, and which changes will occur at the same time? In addition to the in-game changes, the E3 convention is scheduled for early June as well, and there's always the chance we'll learn more about the game's future there too. I have to agree with the OP, though -- this game's future should be a lot more clearer by the end of the month.

Title: New Materia System Info

I was surprised by how many people were dismayed by the announcement of this system, claiming the development team was pandering to fanbois of Final Fantasy VII. I think the materia system -- or whatever it ends up being named -- would give all players some good progression goals to shoot for as they trek through Eorzea. One of the things that made Final Fantasy XI so successful were the numerous opportunities to progress our characters, and the materia system would be a similarly welcome addition to FFXIV.

Title: Which Classes will give which jobs?

Props to the OP in this thread for making a fantastic chart showing how the development team could really diversify the job system between classes. I have a feeling the job system won't be quite this complex, but I love the brainstorming and the numerous possibilities. Anyone who hasn't checked out the OP's work should take a gander and ponder the possibilities for yourself.


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