Patch 1.17b Notes (05/23/2011)

Patch 1.17b has gone live, bringing with it improvements centered around the targeting system.

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* [dev1035] Target filter cycling has been removed from targeting mode A, and targeting mode C added.

  • /targetmode (/tmode) [subcommand] 


  • a Activate targeting mode A 
  • b Activate targeting mode B 
  • c Activate targeting mode C 

* Activating targeting mode C will set the target filter to ALL. 
* The default targeting mode is A.

* [dev1083] A new text command has been added which allows players to specify targeting behavior when pressing confirm without a target selected.

  • /directtarget (/dtar) [subcommand] 


  • on  Toggle direct targeting on. 

(Overrides active targeting mode to render all characters selectable.)

  • off Toggle direct targeting off. 

(Determines selectable targets based on current targeting mode.)

  • Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified. 

* The default setting is off.

Fixed Bugs

* The following bugs have been addressed:

  • A bug wherein a party currently engaging a notorious monster could receive the benefits of items from other parties. 
  • A bug wherein gnats did not link under certain circumstances. 
  • A bug wherein players could not undertake certain duties in the sidequest "Seashells by the Seashore." 
  • A bug wherein pressing Ctrl + T to scroll through the /tell history would skip the most recent recipient.



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