FFXIV Hot Read Thursday

Check out the hottest discussion topics from the past week in the FFXIV forum.

The beat goes on, and we find ourselves another week into the life of Final Fantasy XIV. After plenty of discussions following last week's patch, this week has been much quieter on the forums -- yet not entirely void of topics. This mish-mash of topics is somewhat random, and hopefully we'll have more material to choose from whenever news of the next patch hits.

And now, the links.

Title: They found a Gunblade in a Datamine o.o

What do pistol knives have in common with Final Fantasy XIV? Well, nothing, really. But pistol knives are kind of like gunblades, I guess, and apparently a gunblade was found in the .dat files of FFXIV. The OP links to an image of said gunblade, and whoever found the image was kind enough to lable the weapon with a sizable arrow, just in case you don't see the only large gunblade in the middle of your monitor. Anyway, so yeah, there's a gunblade in the .dat files. Now all we need is a battle system.

Title: SE Reps comment on Hamlet Defense

Remember the talk about hamlet defenses? In response to some chatter on the official forums, a couple of Square Enix community representatives affirm that hamlet defenses are still being planned, but that they'll be different than originally conceived. It's good to know this feature of gameplay is still coming, but the tone of the forum post implies to expect hamlet defenses later rather than sooner. Props to the OP posting this in our forum.

Title: If FFXIV had been a true sequel to 11?

Then Eorzea would be called Abyssea.


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