Regarding the Official FFXIV Forums (03/04/2011)

We will be launching the official FINAL FANTASY XIV forums to offer a dedicated setting where players can communicate with each other and make their opinions heard. The forums will also be a centralized location for us to gather suggestions and feedback on future plans announced by the development and operations teams.

Read on for more details, or check out the Lodestone.

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We would like to outline some details of the official forums and the changes that will be made to existing features on the Lodestone. Specific forum features will be announced within the forum itself following its launch.

Launch Date
March 8, 2011

The forums will initially launch in a beta version to test certain features and server load. There will be no limitations on the forum features, but certain features, such as the linking of character data, will be unavailable. Also, posts may occasionally be rolled back to a previous version in the event of data corruption during the testing period.


Anyone can freely view the forums without logging in. Please be aware, however, that to post comments and join in the discussion, or to access certain features, a Square Enix account with an active FINAL FANTASY XIV service account is required.

Development and Operations Teams

Representatives from the development and operations teams will also be present on the forums, reading player comments and making posts of their own, as well.

Forum Languages

The FINAL FANTASY XIV forums will be offered in Japanese, English, French, and German. Users will be able to access the forums in any language, regardless of the region where their Square Enix account is registered.

Please keep in mind that comments from the development and operation teams may not be made available in all languages. Some comments will initially appear in a single language, and then be translated into others at a later time, while others may appear in specific languages only. Support within the forums will always be offered in all languages.

Changes Coinciding with Forum Launch

Along with the introduction of the forums, certain changes will be made to features and announcements. Topics

Topics posts regarding upcoming patches, future plans, and other game updates, and Letters from the Producer will be made on the forums. Such posts will be announced in both Topics and Twitter posts!

The FAQ-style articles posted on a periodic basis will also be transferred to the forums.

Information Section

Service related posts, such as general information and server maintenance notices, will initially be made on both the official website and the forums. In the future, however, these posts will eventually be made on the forums only, though they will also be announced via Topics.

We look forward to everyone participating in the various discussions and offering plenty of feedback on the forum. See you there!


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