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Check out the hottest topics from the past week of the FFXIV general forum.

Woah, it's that time already! Or, I should say, it was that time. It's not anymore. That's because I was too, um, "busy" checking out the new update material, that I just let time get away from me. Happens to the best of us, right?

The big news today was obviously the release of Patch 1.16, which brought long-awaited quests to Eorzea. Although the quests weren't up to the quality that many people were hoping for, I'm just glad to see some quests finally be implemented in this game! Given all the forward progress this game has made since December, I'm excited to see how quests progress from here on out.

Anyway, this week's conversations focussed on this pending update, the results of the battle system poll and some recent interviews with Yoshi P. Catch up on any conversations you missed out on! Just please, for the love of god, don't mention fleas.

Now, on with the links:

Title: Letter from the Producer, IV (02/28/2011)

This is the thread that launched this past week's commotion. Yoshi-P's letter on the Lodestone promised to finally deliver on quests, and strongly hinted that the next update was just a few days away. Turns out, that was exactly the case. In addition to teasing us with update information, Yoshi-P also shows us some conceptual drawings of near gear to be added later. The gear is strikingly similar to black mage and dark knight gear from FFXI, which prompted several replies about how much this game should attempt to model itself after FFXI.

Title: About the FFXIV Official Forums + New Interview

More information about the game came out from an interview between Yoshi-P and Eorzeapedia.com. My favorite part of this interview is the section about incorporating traditional Final Fantasy jobs as some kind of advanced class system, but not in the way FFXI did it. There's also good information to be found here about the intended use of the soon-to-be launched official game forums.

Title: Battle of the Mages: Conjurer VS Thaumaturge

Which is better? Which would win in a fight? Which could make a chocobo and airships appear? Well, neither can do that, but that doesn't stop players from picking their favorites. Me, I'm a conjurer kind of guy. However, might this topic soon be meaningless depending on the types of changes that are made to the classes and battle system? I think the real question is, "will conjurer or thaumaturge become the next lolblm?"


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