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As we wait for more word from Square Enix about the future of Final Fantasy XIV, there's been plenty to keep chatting about in the FFXIV General Forum. Well, sort of. In the absence of news from the development team, posters have been discussing numerous enlightening topics such as the basics of party mechanics and when the game's monthly fees might start up. There was a great discussion about what Square Enix was doing during the six years it was allegedly developing Final Fantasy XIV. There was even a thread that had nothing really to do with the game, but at least provided a nice diversion from crafting, crafting and, uh, crafting.

Here are this week's HRT links:

Title: Being a white knight for the game doesn't help it!

When will you guys ever learn that the best way to get what you want is to YELL AND SCREAM REALLY LOUD! Well, OK, I guess I learned that's not the best way to communicate when I was 2 years old, and my mom threw a glass of ice water in my face to stop me mid-tantrum. I agree with the OP that the squeaky wheel tends to get the grease. However, if the wheel is wobbly, the wrong size and more square than round, why not ditch the wheel and get a new one? As long as these forums are filled with mindless trolls, we need the white knights to cancel them out. Hopefully the development team is smart enough to see that the truth lays somewhere in between. But to read what everyone else thinks, check out this thread!

Title: So what were they doing for 6 years?

What would you do if you were given six years and a salary? I'd probably train to run marathons all over the world, then perhaps return to college to earn a different degree. But the real question here is, what would the old Final Fantasy XIV development team do if given six years and a salary? Well, apparently the answer would either be "very little" or "build a world in which you can construct fake items," depending on your interpretation of the answer. The older this game gets without any sign of real content being added, the more I ask myself the same question posed by the original poster. What was Square Enix thinking during the development of FFXIV? Was there ever any plan?

Title: Let's make FFXIV the most popular game ever...

Here's a silly thread that's good for a few laughs. The rules are simple; add three words to whatever the most recent poster said in an attempt to extend the "story." In theory, it's supposed to relate to FFXIV, but that's not always the case. On page two of the thread, I try to make others understand my vision of the endgame event "Mynamis." Think of Dynamis, but with the goal of mining up rare ingredients while being attacked by terrifying notorious monsters. Sounds fun, right? Unfortunately, conveying those barrels of fun is difficult when you're limited to three words at a time. Like a boss!


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