FFXIV Beginners Guide to Eorzea (12/06/2010

This week's Q&A session from The Lodestone seeks to assist newcomers to Eorzea by covering the basics of setting actions to the action bar.

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Q. I just learned a new action and want to use it right now. What do I have to do?

A. An action must be set to an action bar before it can be used. To do so, follow the procedure outlined below.


The Actions & Traits Screen


(1) Action Slots

Set an action to one of these slots to make it available for use. The numbers 1, 2, and 3 to the left correspond to a player's three available action bars.

(2) Trait Slots

Set a trait or special ability acquired with guild marks in this slot to begin receiving its effect automatically.

(3) Ability Slots

Set a synthesis or gathering ability in this slot to make it available for use. For Disciples of the Land, abilities set here will have their effect triggered at random while gathering. In the case of Disciples of the Hand, set abilities are those that become available for selection at random times throughout the synthesis process.

(4) Action/Trait/Ability Details

Detailed information on the highlighted action/trait/ability is displayed here.

(5) Action/Trait/Ability List

Within this frame is a list of all actions/traits/abilities that can be set. The type displayed depends on the currently selected slot. Choosing a class from the pull-down menu at the top will display its available actions/traits/abilities.


Setting an Action

Step 1

Select a slot from one of the three available action bars.

Step 2

Select an action from the list of those available.

After selecting an action, the setting process is complete.

The cost of the set action is automatically applied to the appropriate point total.

Actions can be set freely until the point limit is reached.

Step 3

Set actions can be easily accessed from the action bar.

To navigate to bars 2 and 3, use the keyboard's up and down arrow keys, or the up and down directional buttons on a controller's D-pad.


Q. Can I set actions during battle? Because if so, I c—

A. Let us stop you right there. Although setting actions is impossible in active mode, it is possible to do so at any time in passive mode—even whilst being beat about the head and face by an enemy. Players should be aware, however, that setting an action incurs a full recast timer, so newly set actions are not immediately available.





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