Get Your Avatar Drawn by Akihiko Yoshida

Japanese portal site, goo, is hosting a campaign for Final Fantasy XIV fans.  Answer four simple questions and win a chance to have artist Akihiko Yoshida personally draw your FFXIV character!  Other prizes include a signed copy of FFXIV for Windows (JP version) and Guildleve phone straps.

The contest uses a short quiz format, which gives you a 診断 (shin-dan) which is a diagnosis/analysis of what Discipline you should be.  It is essentially like those internet quizzes you see all the time (Which Simpson are you? What game character are you?) and they are just as irritatingly popular among Japanese net denizens.

However, fans may be shocked (shocked, I say!) to learn that this campaign is only available in Japanese.  While the rules do not exclude foreign players from participating, you do have to enter in personal information upon completion of the campaign.  The name field requires you use katakana, and the address field will only accept Japanese-based locations.

Still, if you happen to live in Japan, or have someone to help you out, I have put together a guide to completing your entry after the jump.

Also, you can discuss this in the ZAM Forums.

OK, here is how you can participate:

- Go to the campaign announcement page ⇒ CLICK HERE

- Scroll down until you see a black, rectangular button with FINAL FANTASY XIV版gooに設定

You should be taken to the goo main page, where your theme is now set to FFXIV

- Scroll down the page a little, and you should see this section on the right side

- Click the long, brown banner with the characters on it

- Scroll down the page you landed on.  It looks like the contest announcement page, but at the bottom, there should be a giant silver button with FINAL FANTASY XIV診断をスタート



Now we answer the questions

QUESTION 1: Which of these most closely describes how you relieve stress?

A: A trip to the ocean or the mountains!  I want to see new and interesting things.

B: Sports, of course! I like moving my body under the warm sun.

C: Staying indoors and immersing myself in a hobby.  I'm going to create a masterpiece...

D: I spend time with someone I like.  I like that nervous excitement


QUESTION 2: If you could have any of the following, which would you pick?

A: Shimmering beauty and good looks that have everyone turning their head.

B: Dazzling mountains of riches filled with rare and unique treasures!

C: The ability to be the top in my chosen field -- the undisputed master of my craft.

D: The title of World's Greatest!  I want the utmost respect of all those around me.


QUESTION 3: What is your favorite season?

A: Spring is my thing!  New life is sprouting and everyone is happy and care-free.

B: Surely, it's Summer!  Nature is alive, people are active; it's a season full of energy.

C: Absolutely Autumn!  Though it's less vibrant, it's a season flowing with artistic inspiration.

D: The winner is Winter!  A season with a mysterious air when anything can happen!


QUESTION 4: You've worked all day and arrive back home.  You kick back with your favorite drink to relax, which is:

A: A hot cup of coffee... so comforting.

B: 100% fruit juice... it soaks into my very being.

C: A vitalizing energy drink... I don't want to be tired for tomorrow!

D: No question it's a beer... my reward for a job well done.



Alright, now we have arrived at the results page.  You will see a Disciple (I got Disciple of the Land) with a picture and a short analysis of your choices.  Click the large silver button to continue.

Here's where you enter your information.

Name: (must use Japanese characters, foreign names in katakana are OK)

Furigana: (this is where you type the reading of your name's kanji, again foreign names in katakana work)

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number:

Address: (must be in Japan)

FFXIV Character Name & Server: (syntax is NAME/SERVER)

If you have no account, you can type なし (na-shi) in this space.


Now, click the button on the left that says 規約に同意して応募


The next screen will have a confirmation of the information you entered.

Click the button on the left that says 応募する


You'll now see a brown image: ご応募ありがとうございます。

You're done!


If you happen to win and don't know what to do, post in the thread or send a PM and we will help you out!

Good luck!


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