Eurogamer Interview with Hiromichi Tanaka

Eurogamer has posted an interview in which Hiromichi Tanaka gives his thoughts on the future of Final Fantasy XIV.  As we all know, things are rough for the MMO right now.  Tanaka admits that they spent too much time on debugging during the beta and too little time addressing all the user feedback they were so eager to collect.  However, the developers are trying to bounce back with a ton of updates to win back the hearts and minds of adventurers.  Tanaka believes the game will be dramatically reshaped over the next six months, and hopes players will find FFXIV a worthy successor in the franchise.

Over the course of the interview, Tanaka revealed some key features that have got our users buzzing in the forums:

  • Major upgrades to the UI and market system.  
  • New mouse-based commands for the UI, like drag-and-drop, are in the works for PC players.
  • A lift on the ban of third-party tools?  Tanaka expresses interest in allowing players to develop add-ons to improve the UI for themselves.
  • Overhaul of the map system to display key information such as party member location
  • More tutorials for beginners, more big bad monsters for hardcore players

 Read the full interview on Eurogamer.


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