Lodestone Update: Community Site Portal Page

ZAM.com is listed high on the Lodestone's new community site portal.

Several features have been added to the Lodestone, the official Web site for Final Fantasy XIV. The newest feature to be added to the Lodestone is a portal page where players can access all of the large FFXIV community sites, including our very own ZAM.com.

Check out the community portal page here. You don't need to log into the site to view the page.

The development of the Lodestone Web site has been somewhat overlooked throughout the launch of Final Fantasy XIV. The site was designed as a compliment to the various community sites already in existance, and in that regard the Lodestone has been successful. Players can log into the site to write blogs, recap their achievements, search for other players and more. Square Enix also uses Lodestone to release news and information about FFXIV. The regularly published "Ask the Devs" feature includes hints and tutorials to help players understand various aspects of gameplay.



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