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The camps have thinned out a bit in Eorzea, which begs the question: where has everyone gone? Look no further than our Final Fantasy XIV general forum to find your answer. Not quite ready to walk away from the game, many people are instead criticizing it from a safe distance, claiming they might return if Square Enix puts its chocobos in a row. I have a feeling we'll be hearing that quite often between now and the mythical December update. And if Square Enix doesn't fix things? Well, then we may need to invent a new QQ filter for the forums.

Anyway, on with the links:

Will they ban the LS's that cheat?

What makes an exploit an exploit? This poster wonders whether players who go afk during large parties are exploiting the game by collecting skill points despite not contributing. In my personal opinion, this type of thing -- which is essentially powerleveling -- is not an exploit. This is obviously the way the system was intended to work. Hey, if you want to gimp your party by allowing half of your members to sleep on the job, then more power to you! Just think of the skill points penalty this group is incurring by allowing some members to sit on the sidelines.


If FFXIV fails...

Would you go back to Final Fantasy XI if Final Fantasy XIV goes the way of the dodo (no pun intended)? Considering Vana'diel is in the midst of a 3-year-old expansion that is not yet finished, I'm not sure fleeing to FFXI would be the right answer for those unsatisfied with Square Enix or FFXIV. Take away that option, and disatisfied gamers have just three choices: 1) Be patient and wait for FFXIV to come into its own; 2) Quit playing FFXIV and start an entirely new game, or 3) don't do anything that makes you happy, and instead spend all of your free time ranting on FFXIV fan sites.


Ask the Devs (11/07/10) - You Pick The Questions!

If you could question the Final Fantasy XIV development team about anything, what would you ask? This thread is a quick read, seeing as how the thread winner is just two posts down from the top. Very funny stuff. If I could ask the development team anything -- and be guaranteed of an honest answer -- I'd ask them why this game was pushed onto store shelves several months too early. For a second question, I would ask them how many times their clothes have broken during the course of a normal work week. And lastly, I would want to know why an armored level 13 gladiator keeps getting killed by furry monkeys in the woods -- purely hypothetical, of course.


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# Nov 05 2010 at 12:31 AM Rating: Good
71 posts
or you can quit QQ about the unhappy customers voicing their opinion. just a thought.
# Nov 05 2010 at 12:51 AM Rating: Excellent
I never thought of it that way... it's like inception QQing!
Thayos Redblade
# Nov 05 2010 at 5:04 PM Rating: Decent
This is the internet gentlemen, why would we stop QQing? Isn't that why this thing was invented?
# Nov 10 2010 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
constructive criticism is both useful and positive. QQ'ing for the sake of it does nothing but incite laughter and demeaning retorts.
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