FFXIV Ask the Devs (11/1/2010)

In the latest segment of their new "Ask the Devs" feature, the development team for Final Fantasy XIV looks at several issues that newcomers will deal with, specifically the interaction menu and Guildleves. Keep reading to get the details straight from the Lodestone!

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Today's Q&A serves to shed some light onto several issues that newcomers to FINAL FANTASY XIV may face when stepping into the realm of Eorzea for the first time. Continue reading to learn more about the Interactions menu, as well as guildleve progression and rewards!


The Interactions Menu

Q. I am trying to access an aetheryte, but am unable to target it. What should I do?

A. Upon drawing near an aetheryte, the icon pictured to the left will appear in the upper portion of your game screen. When it does, access the main menu. You will find that an Aetehryte option will now be available under the Interactions menu. This command will allow you to access an aetheryte.

The above icon will be displayed when commands such as Aetheryte and Check become available in the Interactions menu. A full list of icons used by the Interactions menu can be found below.


Icon Conditions Menu Option Result

Near an aetheryte Aetheryte Restore HP/MP, initiate levequest
Near a gathering point Mine, Log, Fish Begin a gathering attempt
Near a treasure chest Check Obtain chest contents (gil, items)
Near a transportation point Teleport, Crow's Lift, etc. Move between locations
Near a summoning bell Summon retainer Call forth retainer
Targetting a PC Invite Invite to join party
Trade Offer to open trade
Browse Examine bazaar
Check Examine equipment
Invited to a party Party Invite Respond to invite

Doing a tutorial or quest Help, etc Execute various actions


Q. What should I do after completing the levequest that I received in the tutorial?

A. New guildleves can be obtained from certain NPCs located in the Adventurers' Guilds in each of the three nations. Players are also encouraged to read more details about guildleves.

We strongly suggest that new players undertake the main scenario questline in order to familiarize themselves with the game. The next steps required to advance a main scenario quest, such as places or people that must be visited, can be viewed by accessing either the Journal or NPC Linkpearls options from the main menu.

Once comfortable with the game, players are encouraged to attempt a new class. Changing classes is as simple as equipping a different weapon or tool in the main hand slot. The initial, low-rank weapons and tools for each class can be purchased from NPCs in each of the three nations. For those seeking such wares, we have prepared a list of NPC names and general whereabouts.


Q. I arrived at the area named in my regional levequest, but I cannot find any levequest targets. What am I doing wrong?

A. Levequest targets, much like all enemies, may sometimes be found high atop cliffs or below ground in caves. Also, it is possible that a target has been "moved" from its original location. This may occur when a player engages a target in combat and then moves some distance from the original location. When this happens, the player's "claim" over the target will end, and the target will continue to wander about the area.

Q.How do I go about gathering activities, such as mining and fishing?

A. To engage in gathering, a player must first make sure to have the proper primary tool equipped for the desired Discipline of the Land class. The next step is to locate gathering points. Gathering points, such as mineral deposits or mature trees, appear as bright flashes of light. Drawing close to these points will cause the appropriate command, such as Mine or Log, to appear in the Interactions menu. Fishing is accomplished in much the same way, with the Fish command appearing in the Interactions menu when a player is near enough to fishable waters.*

* Some locations near water may not cause the Interactions menu icon to appear on-screen, and therefore cannot be fished.

A mineral deposit, suitable for mining.A mature tree, suitable for logging








A mineral deposit, suitable for mining.          A mature tree, suitable for logging.

Q. I initiated a local levequest, but was not given the materials I needed. Gathering all of the materials myself seems like it would be extremely difficult. Is there some other way to go about this?

A. Players are not required to gather the materials required for local levequests on their own. Rather, they may be obtained from the levequest client NPC. Open the Journal from the main menu to view any active local levequests, and then simply select any levequest to display information such as the client's name and location. Furthermore, players may engage in synthesis for local levequests without having to use their own crystals and shards.









If the levequest destination is a camp, the client NPC will be located in that camp. The locations of client NPCs within the three main cities are listed below.

·Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks














·Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks




























·Ul'dah Merchant Strip














Q. How can I see what materials I need to do synthesis for a local levequest?

A. First, select the Requested Items option from the synthesis screen. This will display a list of active levequests. Selecting a levequest from this list will show the item that is being requested, together with the materials required to synthesize it.

Q. Why should I even do levequests? What do I get out of it?

A. Levequests award players with skill and experience point bonuses.* In addition, as a character's class rank increases, higher level guildleves will become accessible, offering greater rewards. The material rewards for completing a levequest include gil, equippable items, and synthesis materials.


* Skill and experience point bonuses will not be awarded for combat, gathering, and synthesis not associated with an active guildleve.


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