Fans Pay Tribute to FFXIV Music

One of the defining characteristics of Final Fantasy XI was, and still is, how the game inspires the player base to create.  The memorable characters and locations have supported countless art contests, the rich history spawned many-a fan fiction, and the excitement of large-scale battles gave rise to e-peen videos and the eternal question: "Hey, what song was that in the background?"

Though Final Fantasy XIV has gotten "tuned up," so to speak, by various gaming sites, people are still being inspired to create their own works based on their adventurers in Eorzea.  Whether you log in every day to pound dodos, or simply log into Amazon to give the game 1 star, Final Fantasy has once again evoked great passion amongst players around the world.

On that note, let us listen to how the music from Eorzea has been interpreted by fans, and even hear a few new, original pieces tailored to the backdrop of Eorzea.

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PacificPoem - FFXIV Piano Medley

Choosing which FFXIV pieces to arrange was VERY HARD.

I'll probably end up doing at least five medleys, cos the soundtrack is so awesome =)

The talent begins at 2:09! That's when Paige (goldhagen93) opens her mouth(s) and sings the vocal theme of FF14.

Thaaaaaaaaank you, Paige =P Follow this link!

xjustamem0ryx - Limsa Lominsa Theme

My arrangement/rendition of another untitled piece from SE's upcoming MMO: FFXIV, composed by Nobuo Uematsu. I decided to just call it "Minute March" because it's just about that long XD
I also gave it my own intro/outro which the piece does not originally include. It has a cool neo-medieval feel which only Uematsu is king at doing! Recorded on a KORG SP-300 with built-in string pad layer. Hope you enjoy ;)

xjustamem0ryx - Nail of the Heavens

My arrangement/rendition of a battle theme from Square Enix's new upcoming MMO FFXIV, composed by Nobuo Uematsu.
It's track 15 from the Alpha Rip OST files, but it plays often in the fields of Limsa Lominsa during battle.
This one has really cool harmonies. Though I changed only a little section towards the end ;P I haven't done many battle themes, so bear with it!
Recorded on a KORG SP-300. Hope you enjoy ;)

EinsteinGrooving - Answers

Huhu^^ Da ich beim Spiel FFXIV grad etwas ansteh, ein kleines Cover xD.
Bin zwar eigentlich krank und daher etwas kratzig, aber egal... was soll man machen, hab schon so lange nix gesungen ich halt das nicht aus XD
Die Instru ist von xjustamem0ryx, check him out :D

rinagalatea - Night of Our World  (fan-made piece)


Music4VideoGames - Apocalypse (Music) Battle Theme  (fan-made piece)

My name is Carsten Jessen and I compose video game style music.
A lot of my work is heavily inspired by Nobuo Uematsu. I was really happy to hear that Nobuo Uematsu was assigned to compose the entire soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIV, since the connection he makes between the games and his music has always been very special and he's been able to create some really memorable moments in the history of video games.
Anyways, I decided to use some of my music and combine it with some of the images that are already available to create a little slideshow. I hope you enjoy it.
Please visit my website for more of my music. -Carsten Jessen-

Grimmsaibot - Final Fantasy XiV vs 2 Pac and Big Pun (Careful, NSFW!)

A remix of Nobou Uematsu's Twilight over thanalan for final fantasy xiv vs. 2 pac and big pun's living to die


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Nice work!
# Oct 17 2010 at 10:39 PM Rating: Good
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Most of these remind me of things that made Final Fantasy such a great series. To all of you who took time to arrange these pieces, or to learn them, job well done!

Let's hope that FFXIV will create more moments that inspire one to do great things!
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