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What a week Final Fantasy XIV has had! There was that huge content update, the return of a usable economic system, scores of glowing reviews from gaming magazines, and – yes, I am kidding. We all know that FFXIV is enduring some massive growing pains. Actually, FFXIV isn’t really growing. But it should be, and that’s where the collective pain of many ZAM posters is coming from.

The past week of posts in the FFXIV General Forum reflects that pent-up frustration of the playerbase. There have been a few positive reviews mixed in with the bad, but many players and professional reviewers are bewildered by Square Enix’s apparent lack of a game plan.

On with the links:


Title: What was SE thinking with Repair System??

Is reading this causing your underwear to break? If so, don’t be afraid – that’s just the new, ultra cool repair system of FFXIV! Understandably, this cumbersome system is causing quite the ruckus among residents of Eorzea. Those who don’t like the repair system have just a few questions about it, such as “how does it work,” “how do I know if my gear is broken,” and “what the heck was SE thinking?”

Title: Gamespot Review Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV was given a rating of 4 in a review by GameSpot. That would have been a fantastic score if the Web site rated titles on a scale of 1 to 5. Unfortunately, GameSpot grades on a scale of 1 to 10. Going by that score, one would believe FFXIV is about as fun as wasting more than an hour in a laggy maze of NPCs, trying desperately to find a low-level piece of gear – oh wait, nevermind.

Title: My insight on XIV, a positive review

Despite the many pitfalls of FFXIV, this poster reminds us of some of the game’s stronger points. This is Square Enix’s saving grace. Final Fantasy XIV has the makings of a deep, unique game, and a pre-made fan base that is willing to give the game more time than other new MMOs could afford. Now, though, all we can do is hope SE renovates the shaky house it built upon this masterfully crafted foundation.



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the return of a usable economic system
# Oct 08 2010 at 10:14 AM Rating: Decent
28 posts
the return of a usable economic system

Really are you kidding me, this was an incredibly brave and dumb line to put into the article! Searching bazars is far from a usable economic system even if users should be inclined to move there characters to the proper room. The fact still remains that you can't post more than 10 items and you can't search for the items you need. And unless users are willing to deal out more dough for an unfinished game for multiple npc's to sell items in their bazar, nothing will change!

Edited, Oct 8th 2010 12:16pm by aldenpark
the return of a usable economic system
# Oct 08 2010 at 1:15 PM Rating: Excellent
Next time, I think you need to finish reading the sentence before posting.

Let's just say you and I are on the same page.
Thayos Redblade
# Oct 08 2010 at 8:51 AM Rating: Decent
i just keep going and going with my gear. None of the stats seem to be effected; i mean my weapon is at 0 or 1 i think and still does the same dmg... The cost to fix things is astronomical; even for repair components. Lol some things cost as much for the one mat as the weapon did its self..even low lvl stuff. The repair npc is just stupid..the cost and the %... well I mean vs wear. Every 4 hours or so gear will go back to red. I mean they can still keep it interactive like they want...Let players repair others gear... But he mats to do so are far to complicated, out of reach, costly, or rare... or all of the above.
Still I love the game. I am a FF11 player and already used to most the mechanics...Many of the lil things such as menus, actions, etc that people complain about are so easy once you know all the shortcuts.
People even complains about it not telling you what to do...But it does start you on a quest if your paying attention that points things out; even to the in game manual...People just refuse to read and insist every game follow wow now... This is typical of SE; for the player base to hear crickets (Even worse for the NA players) and then bam big updates that solve lots. Of coarse maybe now they will realize that they need to listen more openly and pay attention. They are committing public suicide; even in japan. -30% of the player base has given low scores. (So we cant just sum it up to them ignoring NA players). Many people not playing or stopping im sure will come right back as soon as SE wakes up (if soon enough) they are still watching the situation.
repairing gear
# Oct 08 2010 at 2:34 AM Rating: Decent
I don't like the fact that almost from the moment you step out of the gate, your gear begins to wear. What is a new player supposed to do when they don't have gil to blow on repairs yet, or are trying to find a craft with which to earn gil and of course, that will drain your limited gil til you end up like you are or might be in FFXI, somewhat well off.
I've never seen a game where your stuff can break from SE before, tbh, I don't like it. I'll play the game, but if I'm needing repairs and can't afford them, I'm sol.
Only other MMO I ever played that equipment and weps could wear and break was a cheap "free" mmo and the wear and tear only happened if you fought mobs that were 15 lvls above your current job lvl, Only.
Also, what the heck with no AH? I'm finding it very hard to put stuff up because I don't know what it's worth. I don't even bother most times to search the bazaars because it feels like a giant waste of time. They need a search function, one where if u put in what u're looking for and someone has it up, it will show which npc in which market ward has it. How about even putting an auto-purchase option up so u can buy from that npc w/o having to go to that ward?
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