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FFXIV Tactics: Understanding the Fatigue System

Discussion (or confusion) about the fatigue system has dominated blogs and Web sites for weeks. The creator of this thread sets the record straight with a clear, concise video that spells out the fatigue system in a way anyone can understand. In conclusion, the video states the fatigue system actually brings more freedom to Final Fantasy XIV -- a statement that has brought forth numerous responses.

Discuss this in the ZAM forums!

Eorzea Prelive Coverage & Pictures

Our very own Elmer presented us with two articles from Eorzea Prelive, a pre-launch event to promote FFXIV. His articles cover the basic storylines of each starter city, upcoming tweaks as the game goes live, information about notorious monsters, possible PVP events and more. Elmer also discusses his experiences throughout the event. Check out what Elmer had to say, and leave your own comments in his thread!

Class XP system - complete rework needed?

Players have found that the best way to get class experience points in Final Fantasy XIV is to spam weak attacks with low-level weapons. Attacking with more powerful weapons doesn’t result in easier or better class experience, and players have no incentive to use the abilities they accrue through leveling up. Is the answer to this problem to fight tougher monsters, or do monsters themselves need to be adjusted? Maybe there’s another fix out there?


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