A Deeper Look into Gridania

Take a look at some high resolution shots of the forest city-state of Gridania!

If you're one of the future Eorzean adventurers that isn't in beta and you're still undecided on which city-state will be your character's home, we've got some beautiful hi-resolution shots for you to get a better idea of Gridania! Take a look at the various areas of interest around this lush and beautiful city in the middle of a sprawling forest called The Black Shroud.

The above shot features sylphs, which are described as having a demeanor comparable to that of an innocent child, but their propensity to frolic, jape and prank has all too often been the cause of untold anguish and even tragedy for their hapless victims. For this reason, there are many who harbor an absolute loathing for the little forest fiends.

The Acorn Orchard is a playground built by the carpenters of Gridania for the children to learn through play.

Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre was built by the legendary Miqo'te minstrel whose name it bears, using her own coin to fund the construction as a gesture of gratitude to her home nation of Gridania.

Those brave souls who take up the bow in service to Gridania are known as the Gods' Quiver, and it is the Quivers' Hold which they call home.

Nestled cozily within the inn known as the Roost lies the relaxing Carline Canopy, the Adventurer's Guild is a haven for those seeking a respite from travel's travails or questing's quandaries.

The Carpenters' Guild, called the Oak Atrium, straddles Gridania's Black Tea Brook, and is easily distinguished by the water wheel at its front, which harnesses the current of the brook turn to generate power for the Atrium's many devices.

In the cool, dark recesses beneath the shattered trunk an of ancient arbor giant lies Stillglade Fane, home of the Conjurers' Guild.

The Botanists' Guild at the Greatloam Growery sees to the maintenance and upkeep of these lands, and even now continues to dole out small sections to the most promising tenders of their order.

The Wailing Barracks are home to the Wood Wailers, the lancers of Gridania who keep the peace within the city, and the greater peace without.

The Atelier Fen-Yll is now home to the Leatherworkers' Guild, and boasts the finest tawers and tanners in all Eorzea.

Situated at the heart of the city, the Knot is near equidistant from the two main gates, providing easy access to facilities such as the chocobo stables and airship landing.

Past Nophica's Altar lies the Stillglade Fane, home to the Conjurer's Guild.

The weapons and armor of Garlemald are the true testament to the Empire's technologies. The centurions of their standing armies are bedecked in imposing armor fashioned from lightweight metal alloys, beneath which are worn near indestructible battle garb woven of strong, synthetic fibers.


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might want to mention
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I would say the most helpful bit of info you could add to this description is the fact that conjurer's staves are found at the carpenter's guild (if they continue to be sold there after release).

Took me forever to find one. Worth noting all archer stuff was sold at the Centaur's eye, as well.

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The last image...
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doesn't that weapon resemble a gunblade?
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