ZAM's FFXIV Server Forums Open!

ZAM provides communities for FFXIV players on all worlds.

With the launch of Final Fantasy XIV just around the corner, we are pleased to announce the opening of the ZAM server forums.

The FFXIV server forums give adventurers a place to come together outside of the game. Use these forums for organizing in-game events, recruiting new linkshell members, reconnecting with friends, announcing your latest in-game accomplishments or discussing the latest RMT trends. The possibilities are endless!

Discuss this in the ZAM forums!

Chances are, no two server forums will be identical. The Final Fantasy XI server forums each contained their own special stickies, ranging from the Caitsith Fiction Depository to the infamous Garuda Bad Player’s Thread. We ask that people be civil when using these forums, but we prefer to take a hands-off approach as users from various servers define their own communities on the ZAM network.

We hope you enjoy the server forums, and we hope these help to enhance our community for years to come.


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