Sage Sundi Speaks Again at PAX

Final Fantasy XIV Global Online Producer Sage Sundi put on his interview cap one more time to talk with the folks at FFXIVCore. Again, he kept the discussion focused around serving the player community inside and outside the game.

Sundi states they do not plan to have a developer blog since the developers only speak Japanese and could not adequately serve overseas players. However, they will continue to build on the Player Site, opening it up to the public and adding blog and forum functions in the future.

Also Sundi confirms what is probably the best improvement to the game for the more worldly adventurers among us. The game client contains all languages and players can freely select which language they want the game to use. Veterans of Final Fantasy XI might remember scouring the Internet for Japanese PlayOnline downloads and fiddling with their registry. Well, those days are over.

Anyway, you can read the full interview here and once your done, head on back to discuss this in the ZAM Forums!


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