Soundtrack Update, Message from Uematsu

Around the beginning of August, Square Enix announced two Final Fantasy XIV soundtracks were in the works.  While the planned release date is still a month away, the FFXIV Soundtrack Series page has been updated today with new information regarding the two albums.

Hover the mouse pointer over the "What's New" bar, and click on a topic to be brought to the main page.  From there, you can click "TRACK LIST / PREVIEW" and see the full track list and even listen to the first three songs from both Field Tracks & Battle Tracks.

In addition, FFXIV Composer Nobuo Uematsu has provided a little message for fans:

"This is my first time composing the entire score for a Final Fantasy title since FFIX in 1999.

It's already been 11 years since then... 11 years of new experiences which I believe are reflected in the way my music has developed and grown.

I hope you look forward to hearing the results."

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