Twitter Web Client for FFXIV Players

Now there's a Japanese web-based client for making FFXIV-related posts on Twitter

Japanese fan site has launched an alpha of their own this week. Their web-based Twitter client allows players to sign into their account and post into their timeline.

What makes this useful for FFXIV fans is that the creator provides a number of buttons that correspond to FFXIV-related hash tags, allowing you to quickly view a list of one, all or any combination of their timelines. A "hash tag" is a term added to a post (e.g. #FF14) to associate it with a particular subject, making it easier to find through a search. Currently, the alpha client lists general tags, as well as one for each FFXIV beta server.

Underneath the tags there are a couple recommended lists. Whereas a hash tag gathers all posts with a specific tag, a list is a manually created collection of accounts. There is a list for official Square Enix accounts (SQEX), one for FFXIV Staff (FF14スタッフ) and one for characters from Dengeki PlayStation magazine, who report on FFXI and FFXIV news in Japan (電撃旅団).


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