Square Enix Demo Disc Volume 1

Beginning this summer, residents of Japan will be able to find all the latest Square Enix demos and trailers at their local video store.  The Square Enix Magazine Demo Disc will be distributed on Blu-Ray for the Playstation 3, and allows fans to quickly enjoy the free Square Enix content in PlayStation Network Store without having to wait for downloads or worry about disc space.

Volume 1, which will be available as a free rental starting August 12th, will be distributed through 502 TSUTAYA shops throughout the country.  This initial volume is also confirmed to contain exclusive footage of Final Fantasy XIV for the PS3.  Hiromichi Tanaka left behind poor Director Nobuaki Komoto, saying it was "crunch time" for developing FFXIV on the PS3.  Hopefully its appearance on this disc gives us a hint that the console version isn't much further away.

Source: GameWatch


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