Changes from Alpha to Beta posted a short list of the main differences players can expect as Final Fantasy XIV moves into the beta phase.  According to information given at E3, we are only a few short weeks away, so let's take a look at what we can expect!

  • The Effect Gauge, which influenced the accuracy and power of an attack, has been removed.
  • Along with the removal of the Effect Gauge, the function of the Action Gauge has been altered.  Previously, the player would need a full Action Gauge to execute a command, whereas now commands instead consume a specific portion of the gauge.
  • The Action Menu, where players can customize their list of actions, has been expanded to 30 slots.  There are 10 slots allocated for Traits (class-specific characteristics) and Abilities (crafting-specific characteristics)
  • The "Physical Bonus" system, which affects HP/MP, stats and elemental affinities, has been changed.  Now, HP/MP rise automatically along with the player's level and only stats are customizable.  Also, the list of stats has been adjusted from 8 to 6.  Elemental affinities have been separated and will now require the use of "Elemental Bonus" points to increase.
  • Throwing weapons have been added and can be equipped and used with the "Throw" action.
  • Left/Right Ear 1 and Left/Right Finger 2 equipment slots have been added.
  • New abilities can be set when a shield is equipped.
  • Distance and orientation relative to the enemy will have more of an effect on the battle.
  • The amount and variety of Guildleves has increased.
  • The level cap has been increased.
  • Players can now consume items.
  • Food has been introduced, which is used to temporarily strengthen a player character.
  • A number of changes have been made so the menus and chat logs are easier to read and navigate. 


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beta contact?
# Jun 23 2010 at 9:38 PM Rating: Decent
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So has anyone started receiving e-mails or anything about this?

I sadly think my current system probably can't even run it well enough to justify getting into the Beta ... blah definitely upgrading before it comes out tho ha

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