Final Fantasy XIV Race Information Released!

 Earlier today, Square Enix updated their official Final Fantasy XIV website, releasing new information on the currently slated playable races: the Hyur, the Elezen, the Mi'qote, the Lalafell, and the Roegadyn. While it was released early on that the races of Eorzea existed in distinct tribes, these new details further illustrate the differences, both physical and cultural, that exist amongst them. From the brutish Highlanders of the Hyur to the nocturnal Keepers of the Moon of the Mi'qote, the characters you create and interact with is certain to be a deep and fascinating experience.

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Famitsu Article Information (Translated by Lumokai)

People of the Middle Lands

Among the populous Hyuran, the majority is comprised of this great clan. They reside in various regions, and are enriched with a diverse livelihood. From a young age, Midlanders become accustomed to books. Because of this, they seem to have a deep, intellectual society.

People of the High Lands

The highlanders dominate the remote, northern highlands. They are the strong, muscular, tribe of the Hyuran. After their city-state of Ala Mihgo fell to the Garlean Empire, with the exception of Male Mercenaries, it has become rare to see them in other cities.

People of the Sun
Sun Seekers

One tribe of the Mi'qote call themselves "The people of the Sun". The followers of the Sun God Azema are numerous, and they are very active in the daytime. They have cold, piercing,, colorful, cat-like eyes.

People of the Moon
Moon Keepers

The other tribe of the Mi'qote call themselves "The Wards of the Moon". They are the many followers of the Moon God Menefina, and many follow a nocturnal lifestyle. Many of the Moon Keepers apply vivid war paint onto their face.

People of the Plains

The Plainsfolk gather and built villages from the materials of the plains, and have come to be called "The people of the Plains". Their earthly green, flaxen hair resembles vegetation. With their large ears, they can hear even the faintest footsteps of a mole.

People of the Desert

Large, domesticated livestock are made to carry the homes that the dunesfolk migrate and live in. They live with the movement of the soil, and are called the "People of the Dunes" among the Lalafell. One of their unique features is that their eyes are enveloped by a protective clear film, which makes their eyes resemble a Crystal Ball. On their forehead, a jewel which represents their star of fate is affixed.

Woodland People

For hundreds of years, this Elezen tribe have inhabited the deep green forests. They are proud of their hawk-like eyesight, and excel in archery. Nowadays, those who have adapted to city life or those who live a nomadic life in the plains often return to the woodlands.

Shadow People

For hundreds of years, the Shaders have inhabited dark caves. Developing bat-like ears, they can sense the enemy's movement by the rustling of clothes. Because of this, many Shaders excel in hand-to-hand combat. Turning to thievery in order to sustain their cave-dwelling life, they are despised by the forester as turncoats.

People of the Northern Seas

Known as "Seawolves", this Roegadyn tribe is feared as marauding pirates from the northern seas. Nowadays, the number of Seawolves who fare the high seas are becoming numerous.

People of the Crimson Flame

Residing in the vicinity of volcanic craters, the Lohengarde are a tribe of Roegadyn who are faithful in the "Gates of Hell". They are called the "Gatekeepers of the Flame" . Not only are their bodies hard and tempered, their "fire-walking" asceticism allows them to nurture the qualities of magickal ingenuity.


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Re: Races
# Mar 31 2010 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent
I agree with Dyvidd. Though for me I wouldn't say XI was completely lacking, it's nice to see the races and tribes be fleshed out more with their histories. I like this a lot.
# Mar 31 2010 at 12:20 AM Rating: Decent
1,842 posts
It's odd but refreshing to see the Lalafel as plains and desert people since Tarutaru was all about the forest town of Windurst.

The clans will add a needed variety that was lacking in FFXI.
# Mar 30 2010 at 6:33 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Well, i think this is the most we'll get from SE regarding new races. There's has been a lot of speculation, specially because Highlander is an "only male" tribe. I really don´t think SE will add a new race/tribe to the

If you think about it, its all balanced. There are 5 races and each with 2 different tribes. Making a Female Highlander is just not right for the same reason we haven't seen a female Roegadyn. We have 2 gender specific races, and each with 2 tribes (i.e. Miqo´te and Roegadyn). Then we have 2 fantasy races (fantasy meaning not human races) and each with its own tribe. Finally, i think SE faced a challenge, how to balance the equation with the real looking human race (Hyur)? Well, they could have make 2 separate tribes with different physical characteristics, just like the others. However, how could they do this? The other races can be easily differenciated with 2 tribes with clear physical differences, like Lalafell with crystal ball eyes, "Dark" and "light" Elezen, or "Red" and "conventional" Roegadyn (by conventional meaning Galka looking Roegadyn). But giving this characteristics to humans would have been a bit overloaded with the fantastic variable. Could you imagine a red or dark human? it wouldnt feel right. Moreover, dividing humans in, lets say, a more mediterranean syle or nordic characteristics wouldn´t be right, mainly because Hyur reflects human race after all. What about those who want to have an asian or african look? I think that Hyur is the race for those who like to have a character as real as possible, or even for people that sees in its avatar a reflection of his real life appearence. And no, an all muscled women its not sexy, its just not natural appealing. Sure, there is people that like those type of women figures and i respect that, but again, that doesn´t reflects the female look. That's why, i conlcude that the logical way to go is to make a conventional human race that includes every physical aspects of real life humans, and the only way to balance the 2 tribe equation was to include a tribe of "Conan" looking humans, leaving away its female counterpart. However, that doesn´t matter, cuz female humam looking characters are included in the Midlander tribe (just leaving aside the few people who looks for a "Conan" looking female character, which is marginal).

Finally, SE made a great work in putting something fans from the previous game (myself included) asked for: more character customization. And from what we've read, each tribe will have some type of unique feature; perhaps moon seekers will have some type of enhancement at night. Again, this is just speculation.
# Mar 30 2010 at 5:43 PM Rating: Decent
33 posts
Nice new information, so they add 2 different types of tribes to each race, 5 races, 10 tribes, interesting! I was thinking maybe they add 1 or 2 more race. It would be nice, but i guess they don't want too many people making the same character just because is "new".
# Mar 30 2010 at 4:36 PM Rating: Default
I was hoping for some gameplay footage but this is good tho. We actually have 10 races to choose from. I mean each race have 2 path we can take. I'm looking forward to this.

PS: FIRST TO POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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