VanaFest Attendees Granted Closed Alpha Access

When Final Fantasy XI's VanaFest was announced, the one thing to catch the attention of fans eagerly awaiting any news about Square Enix's highly anticipated next generation MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, was the mention of a "Special Bonus Stage" for Final Fantasy XIV.

With the breathtaking and face-blowing event now concluded, it was revealed via Square Enix's live stream that all 1,114 VanaFest attendees would be granted automatic access to a closed Alpha testing stage of Final Fantasy XIV. This news kicked up discussion on forums about the fairness of such an announcement to the rest of the world's Final Fantasy fans, but the official VanaFest website soon put those fears to rest with the following:

"Those who were not selected in this drawing, fear not, for there will be other opportunities to come. Be sure to stay tuned!"

The tester site is set to go live on March 11, so can we safely assume we'll get some kind of announcement from Square Enix on how you'll be able to secure yourself a spot in this first testing phase by then? It sure sounds possible. In the meantime, VanaFest attendees should expect their alpha invites to be in the email inboxes today. With travel time, perhaps these emails will even beat some adventurers home!

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