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This week's Hot Threads:

be very very quiet..... I'm talking death penalty

Every MMO should have some kind of penalty for dying. If they don't, what's the motivation to try to stay alive? With FFXIV using a system that doesn't include experience points and levels, loss of xp isn't likely to be implemented. Should gear degradation be the alternative? What about corpse recovery? Is the shame of defeat punishment enough?


Before Final Fantasy XI's NA release, Square Enix released a Benchmark program to test your computer's ability to handle the game engine. It also served as a sort of "sneak peek" to some. Are you anticipating something similar for Final Fantasy XIV? How do you think your computer will measure up?

PS3 or PC... ?

We've covered this thread before, but it's still burning away! What platform will you choose and why?

What are your fears or worries regrading FFXIV?

Another repeat thread, but still hot none the less. Of all the things that could go right with FFXIV, what are some of the things you might be concerned will go wrong?


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