Hot Thread Thursday

Every Thursday, we pick the hottest topics from our FFXIV forums and highlight them in this segment. Join the discussions! Tell everyone what you think!

This week's Hot Threads:

What are your fears or worries regrading FFXIV?

Many of us are really looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy XIV later this year. However, as exciting as the news of its release is, it's natural to wonder what could go wrong. Will the attempts to cater to a more casual play style cause the game to be "just another MMO?" Will the GM's have a more active role in the game than in Final Fantasy XI? What are some of your concerns?

PS3 or PC... ?

What platform do you plan to play on? Maybe you have a massive HDTV and surround sound set up and want to experience Final Fantasy XIV in all of its 1080i goodness on your PS3. Or perhaps you're more accustomed to playing on your PC, where you can adjust the resolution how you like and use your familiar keyboard and mouse set up.

How would you make use of customizable classes?

Assuming that you'll be able to mix and match your character's skills to come up with your own custom "class," what kind of skills would you combine? Will you try to mix them together to recreate a familiar class you played in Final Fantasy XI or will you make something completely new?


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