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This week's Hot Threads:

Square Enix Creates Online "Crysta" Currency

Square Enix recently announced the introduction of Crysta, an online-based currency to beused in conjuction with the Square Enix Account system. Could Square Enix potentially use this system to "legitimize" RMT type activity? Do you think that they would include it as a part of Final Fantasy XIV?

Do we really want HNM times changed?

Upper tier notorious monsters in Final Fantasy XI are always heavily contended for. Just the opportunity to claim a monster that drops some of the more impressive gear in the game has become almost a way of life for some players. Should there be some kind of adjustment to the way this is done in Final Fantasy XIV? Shorter spawn cycles or maybe instanced camp sites? Or would making it easier cheapen the experience?

How about some new info?

Speculation on September Betas is fun and all, but there is only so much that can be discussed with such limited information. Square Enix sure has done a good job of keeping everyone on the edge of their seat with anticipation by handing out little tidbits here and there about the game.


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