Hot Thread Thursday

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This week's Hot Threads:

SE should take a page from Blizzard's playbook concerning 14

If you've played FFXI for any extended period of time, you've no doubt had at least a little frustration trying to update your client at least once. Should Square Enix be more open with the distribution of the updates for FFXIV? Maybe let other sites host the updates in addition to offering them through the game client itself? What about a torrent type distribution method?

To people who play both WoW and FFXIV

For people who play World of Warcraft and are looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV, what will you do if the next WoW expansion comes out around the release of FFXIV? Will you try to play both at the same time? Or will you only have enough time to deticate to one game?

Difficulty vs Punishment

A good MMO should be challenging enough that when you succeed in a task you feel rewarded, but not so hard that it isn't fun to play. A punishment for failure needs to be in place, otherwise there is no drive to better yourself as a player. But at what point does excessive punishment make a game too hard to play? Some argue that FFXI had a good balance of both while others will say that the punishments were too harsh. How would you like to see this handled in FFXIV?


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