FFXIV Campaign Code Only for Japan?

Just to get everyone on the same page:

  • Early copies of Final Fantasy XIII will contain a "Campaign Code" for use with Final Fantasy XIV
  • This code will allow you to receive a "secret in-game item"
  • To activate the code, you must purchase and register a copy of Final Fantasy XIV
Now, Famitsu reports that players should be careful because "this campaign is for Japan only."  This sounds obvious at first, since Final Fantasy XIII is only releasing in Japan in December.  So, why mention it?

Glass half full: Foreign players will be getting a separate campaign in their FFXIII copies?

Glass half empty: People who register their FFXIV outside of Japan won't be able to use this code?

Or maybe both are true.  We'll let you know once we can get some clarification so eager importers don't end up empty handed.


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