Hot Thread Thursday

Every Thursday, we pick the hottest topics from our FFXIV forum and highlight them in this segment. Join the discussions! Tell everyone what you think!

This week's Hot Threads:

So I was watching the gameplay footage...

The gameplay footage from Gamescom has been out for quite a while now. Chances are, if you're following this website, you've seen the videos. What's your initial take on this early peek at the game? Did see anything you already like or dislike or is it too soon to make an assessment?

Where are my VIERA!?

This thread has been featured before. It started out as an expression of dissapointment in the absence of Ivalcean races. Now the discussion has moved to the importance of game aesthetics vs. gameplay. Which do you think is more important?

Things from FFXI you DON'T want in FFXIV

This thread has been going for a while. There were several things people liked about FFXI that they woudn't mind seeing again in FFXIV. There also seems to be a number of things people don't want to see again.



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