Hot Thread Thursday

Every Thursday, we pick the hottest topics from our FFXIV forums and highlight them in this segment. Join the discussions! Tell everyone what you think!

This week's Hot Threads:

XIV Site Update

Square-Enix added some new information to the Final Fantasy XIV website. New details about some of the beastary, disciplines, and lifestyles in the world of FFXIV are reveled.

The first thing that needs to be reported in beta

Seems like there are some players who would like to see female Roegadyn and male Miqo'te. Are you one of them? Do you care either way? Do you think if enough people voice their opinion, it will change?

Things from FFXI you DON'T want in FFXIV

We had this thread a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like it's still going! A lot of people have mentioned things they'd like to see carry over from FFXI into FFXIV. How about things you'd like to just stay in FFXI?


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