TGS 2009 - Exhibition Hall Videos

Today I decided to get some videos captured and upload it while I still have access to the press lounge wi-fi.  As expected, there was nothing new to report for Final Fantasy XI or Final Fantasy XIV.  If you have not seen it, you can check out the new FFXIV trailer on the official site.

As for FFXI, we know that Vana'diel Collection 2 is almost ready for release here in Japan.  It will contain all expansions and add-on scenarios up until A Shantotto Ascension.  Speaking of which, A Shantotto Ascension will be avaiable for purchase on November 12th, with pre-order taking place before hand.


A quick video tour of the apartment.  We stayed in Maihama, which is only a few stops away from Makuhari Messe.

A demonstration of how the Hina Chocobo toy works. There is a plastic tab in the back that you pull out to connect the battery to the sensor. Then you cover the two sensors on the bottom to make it chirp.

Panning across convention hall 5. This is where Square Enix and Sony have a lot of space set up.

The front of Square Enix's area. After taking the video, I got my DSi out to get a picture of the sign. You are not supposed to photograph or record video of the screen, so a staffer ran over to stop me. I told him I was just shooting the sign, and he laughed and said it was OK.

This is the line to get in to play Final Fantasy XIII. Inside are some rows of TVs with Playstation 3 controllers. When you come out the back of the little maze, there is an enclosed theater with some exclusive trailers.

This is the back end of the Level 5 Booth that I visited today. You can see inside there are rows and rows of Nintendo DS machines. They set up 250 of them for people to use. I tried out the upcoming Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute.  It's not Final Fantasy, but if you are a Professor Layton fan, I did a writeup on the demo and some goodies I received on my personal blog.



If I get more videos, I'll come back and add them later.  Enjoy!


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