Hot Thread Thursday

Every Thursday, we pick the hottest topics from our FFXIV forums and highlight them in this segment. Join the discussions! Tell everyone what you think!

This week's Hot Threads:

Dengeki (9/25) - Interview

Check out Elmer's translation of Dengeki's interview with Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Komoto. See what everyone else is saying and share your thoughts!

Bust Size.

I was honestly a little apprehensive to use this thread in this week's segment, but it's hard to deny its popularity. Exactly how customizable should the character generation be? Would the world of Hydaelyn be crawling with big chested heroines or would the community as a whole use the flexibility a little more tastefully?

Post FFXI cynicism syndrome

What kind of impression has playing FFXI left on you of MMORPGs in general? Is the only thing anyone cares about the rush to end game, or do you feel like there's more to it than that?


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