Famitsu - Classes and Monsters

Japan brings us the latest Final Fantasy XIV information this week with another look into the alpha demonstration from Gamescom. Just when you thought it has been examined to death, the crew at Famitsu manage to bring to light a few more things fans may have overlooked.

At Gamescom, Final Fantasy XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka gave a tour of Guildleve, wherein he had to defeat a number of Dodos and the Puks that appear afterwards. Guildleve will be a system of quests that make up the bulk of Final Fantasy XIV's game play. First, we will take a closer look at some of the foes you will face, and the classes available to players who wish to overcome them.

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Classes in Final Fantasy XIV will determine what skills the character learns. Depending on the class, there are certain special abilities one can acquire as they improve. As we know, these skills will be featured in your Action Bar along the bottom of the screen, which changes when you change classes. Which abilities and skills can carry over to other classes, if any, is unknown at this time. Recently, these four classes have been featured in the press:

弓術士 - kyuu-jutsu-shi - Archer
Equipment: Short Bow
This is one of the classes associated with the Discipline of War. By equipping a bow, Archers are able to take out enemies from afar.

格闘士 - kaku-tou-shi - Pugilist
Equipment: Baghnakhs
Another class associated with the Discipline of War. They use weapons called Bagnakhs to do battle. In contrast to Archers, these brawlers specialize at defeating their enemies in close quarters.

斧術士 - ono-jutsu-shi - Marauder
Equipment: Bhuj
A class of warriors who fight swinging a large axe. Just by looking, one can see they are a class with massive power behind their strikes. They are associated with the Discipline of War.

裁縫師 - sai-hou-shi - Weaver
Equipment: Needle
Weavers are associated with the Discipline of the Hand. They excel at crafting goods from thread and cloth, but is it possible they can use their tools to fight as well?



It has been stated that Final Fantasy XIV will pull a lot of monsters, new and old, from the Final Fantasy series. In this week's Famitsu, nine different monsters were featured, along with a little blurb for each.

プーク - puu-ku - Puk
These monsters look like lizards with wings. They first appeared in Final Fantasy XI.

アンテロープ - a-n-te-roo-pu - Antelope
It appears as if the real life antelope was a model for this monster. It looks rather docile upon first glance, so I wonder what tricks it has in store for adventurers?

オポオポ - o-po o-po - Opo-opo
A cute little monster that looks like a gibbon, the Opo-opo has a characteristically fat tail and large, wide hands and feet.

サボテンダー - sa-bo-te-n-daa - Cactuar
This silly and rather popular monster is a mainstay of the Final Fantasy series. Many a player has experienced its ruthless "1,000 needles."

アーリマン - aa-ri-ma-n - Ahriman
This monster first appeared in Final Fantasy III and has been in every title since. It always retains that same monstrous form - two wings, four limbs and a tail sprouting from its single eye.

オーガ - oo-ga - Ogre
We aren't used to seeing this fearsome creature so often in Final Fantasy games, but the Orge is a staple monster in the world of fantasy RPGs.

マメット - ma-me-tto - Mammet

A peculiar little doll-type creature. While their names are different, it certainly looks just like an Automaton from Final Fantasy XI.

モルボル - mo-ru-bo-ru - Morbol
Another monster which is seen throughout the Final Fantasy series. How pungent will it's Bad Breath be this time?!


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