ZAM FFXIV Famitsu Contest Winners!

A few weeks ago, we asked you to create a short introduction for your prospective Final Fantasy XIV character.  We took all the particpants and have selected 10 winners randomly.

The prize was one of 10 copies of Famitsu issue 1080, dated August 28th, 2009.

This was the issue that first broke major news on Final Fantasy XIV, revealing the land of Eorzea and the races and claseses that inhabit it with a 9-page spread of pictures and information.

Winners will receive a PM with instructions on how to claim their prize.

Check out the winners below!

Endless Journey: "I plan on being a Miqo'Te, I'm not sure how I will look just yet though. I will have to wait and see how many different styles and options there are to choose from, then pick and create my own unique character with what suits me best, as I'm sure there will be many options. I plan on originating from the city of Ul'Dah. Desert cities have always intrigued me and felt like home, as I was born and raised in them myself, so they end up feeling nartural to me.

I personally want to take a different approach to FFXIV than I had with FFXI. I'm not so worried about taking up arms and clashing swords, as much as I am intrigued by taking up tools and harvesting the goods of the land.

Being a gatherer sounds very interesting to me, and I cannot wait to see how such a unique profession ends up working. I always like being unique, and excelling in things that are new and creative, so hopefully I will become a great gatherer.

Being from the desert city of Ul'Dah, I imagine I will be doing lots of mining as well, perhaps even in some deep and scary caves?! Who knows what adventures await the brave souls willing to risk their lives for the gathering of Materials needed to support life in Hydaelyn!

I look forward to my arrival in Ul'Dah and the the vast deserts around it. And await the many adventures I will have as a Miqo'Te gatherer."


Eeri: "Eeri, an Highlander Hyur, loved her mountains. When she was just a child she never thought of the possibility of leaving that place so dear to her. In her twenties, Eeri was starting to look more like her beloved father each passing day. Hair of a dark brown, like the rocky walls that surround the area; and eyes of a deep green, like the lush grass fields when the night comes.

But the day came for Eeri to start her journey across the lands of Eorzea, only the Gods knowing where the destiny will lead her. Her mother, a thaumaturge, taught Eeri the basics of her profession. Eeri was always eager to learn more about magic and ready to listen to her mother's explanations for hours. Her father, instead, showed Eeri how to look after plants and how to use them should the need arise. With her parent's loving support, Eeri started her journey. A staff in her hand and a sickle in her backpack. "


luciferu: "Hey guys,

I'm Luci, a tiny and chubby Lalafell girl with twintails haircut. It sounds tsundere to you? I don't know what you mean, I didn't choose it for you! I have a cute little sister, she's even smaller than me! So cute I hug her everyday. If you dare to touch her, I'll cut your aetheryte's balls in half with my relic toothpick!

I'm currently living with my sister in Gridania, the forestial town. It's a beautiful city with lively people, I'd gladly invite you to drink a clover tea... That's if you're a cute girl! Men are forbidden in my harem... I mean maiden haven.

I'm not fond of slaying beasts outside but I have to do it if I want to feed my family. Hey! I'd never let my sweet little sister doing such a barbaric ritual! Not until my death! At least, I can avoid it with my job as blacksmith's apprentice. I'm mainly doing repairs. Recently, all these stupid adventurers like to break their weapons and armors on rabbits or crabs... Well, thanks to them and their bird's brains, I have enough gils to live for decades!

Don't look down on Lalafells, ridiculously stupid tall men! Ho ho ho ho ho!~ "


HocusP: "I will be a male lalafell for sure. I was a taru in FFXI, so I will be in FFXIV with the same name. Not sure how I will customize my lalafell, but probally not too deep.

Where I live will have a lot to do with where the people I play with live. I will be starting the game off with my ex ls members, and a few rl family members and friends. I'm assuming we all will have a say so and all decide together on a starting city.

I will follow the sorcerer discipline, as I am a blm at heart. I might dabble in a few other classes but the equalivent to blm will be my first job. I probally would do blacksmithing also, so I can fix my own weapons and equipment."


Kurokikaze: "I'll most likely be using the same name as in FFXI, Kurokikaze, and cause of that I'll be using the same character model (Hyur face 2 I'm assuming). As for characteristics... Not sure what to say, probably brown hair, dark brown eyes (that might change to something weird like red if thats an option). Probably not gonna pick the tallest setting for the character this time around.

Given the jaw-dropping artworks of the city states that we will be able to inhabit, I'm at a loss right now. Can't seem to decide between Ul'dah or Limsa Lominsa. The cities all look absolutely amazing, but I'll probably settle for the one by the sea. ><;

Fighter all the way yo! Soon as it branches off into something like SAM, DRG (yeah think I'll make that mistake again), or maybe even PLD, I'll be doing that. I'm obviously also going to be leveling as a healer on the side just so I have some heal spells to help my fighter solo better. As for crafts; I'll probably do Blacksmithing since it sounds like you'll be able to repair your equipment (at least I think so)."


FelineAssassin: "Greetings stranger, I am Sheska, of the infamous Miqo'te, and I am here to share with you that I am the perfect huntress. I call Gridania my home, where I take full advantage of the surrounding forests. You see, these are perfect hunting grounds for my sisters and I, where we can use the lush, thick woods to stalk our prey. My appearance you ask? I am small in stature, which helps me ambush my prey and foes alike, with great ease. My eyes are yellow, and my hair is white and wild, true distinctions of the nature of my beautiful Miqo'te race. I am known to some as a Keeper of the Moon, as I prefer to hunt at night. The night allows me to track those unaware of my presence, as my nimbleness helps me close in at tremendous speeds.

I have chosen to begin my adventure as a Disciple of War, where I may hone my skills to that of a Ranger, Thief, and eventually an Assassin. I choose these paths to take full advantage of my natural skills, as well as my wild, rogue-like nature. I prefer to always have the upper hand in battle, and these paths allow me to accomplish this. On another note, I have also chosen to become a Disciple of the Land, as the lush forests surrounding my Gridania provide me many things to harvest. The woods allow me to do what I please with much cover and solitude, and this is how I prefer it.

If you happen to hear footsteps behind you as you travel through Gridania, no worries, it is not I. You see, I make no sound at all. I cannot speak for the rest of my sisters. Happy hunting."


Gaspari: "I think i will make a Elzen named Gaspari. Gaspari grew up among the dirty docks, and ragged mercenaries of the "Bustling Port City, Limsa Lominsa". Gaspari is a slim, tall Elzen with bronze colored skin and white hair. He has deep blue eyes like the water he has grown up on. His hair is white from a deficiency disease that was passed down in his family line. Gaspari only source of guidance was a Pirate named Mandarin. Mandarin was a Roegadyn who was brutal but fair to Gaspari. Mandarin taught Gaspari how to fish and basic blacksmithing but his biggest lesson was becoming a pirate. Unknown to Gaspari, Mandarin was the pirate who killed Gaspari parents during a pirate raid on a nomadic Elzen fishing village.

For years Gaspari sailed the sea with Mandarin aboard the pirate ship named the Nautilus. Many times did Gaspari sneak into the bowels of the Nautilus where he discovered the coffers to the ship. In these secret coffers Gaspari found many trinkets, but none more valuable than the staff Gaspari would hold and feel great power flow in his body. Gaspari realized the power of the staff when he seen the wounds he recieved at the hands of Mandarin heal upon holding the staff. From there after many more times did Gaspari dwell carelessly and unknowingly into the "Disciplines" of magic. A pirate at heart Gaspari always had a disregard for the rules aboard the Nautilus. The same rules Mandarin always made clear to him "No pirate, less it be zee Cap'n shall be permitted to enter to zee coffer's on da ship" he would always say.

Youth and a pirate education led Gaspari to sneek into the coffers one day while the ship was at port in Limsa Lominsa. To his surprise Mandarin was waiting for him in the coffers. Gaspari tried to lie and say he was lost but by the look on Mandarins face, the old weathered seadog new Gaspari was sneaking into the coffers for sometime now. Mandarin told Gaspari that the Cap'n new he was sneaking into the coffers and sent him down here to kill him. Mandarin saw Gaspari turn and look at the staff, and told him to grab it. Gaspari did not hesitate knowing it could possibly save his life if Mandarin decided to fight him. Mandarin turned his back to Gaspari and said " get going now lad, and take this" he unclasped his gun and threw it to Gaspari and said "Dead men tell no tales". with those two weapons in hand Gaspari bolted to the deck and off the ship. Gaspari ran as far as he could before ducking into a alley to gather himself. In that alley way he heard two drunken sailor talking and overheard one sailor say to the other "Im sure glad Cap'n Mandarin let us off zee ship to drink and cause some trouble on the docks".

And thats where the tale of Gaspari begins......"


syrusDRK: "In FFXI, I was an Elvaan named Syrus and I came from Windurst. However, as the years went by, I grew to appreciate and really like the Galka and Bastok, but of course, I would never restart. I also played FFXI with my best friend in real life, who was a Tarutaru. There was always something interesting about being a noble, serious Elvaan partnered with a cute, bubbly Tarutaru.

This time around, however, I am looking at the Hyur and the Roegadyn. I decided I will choose Hyur in a heartbeat if the character creation system allows for me to make a character that resembles a concept I have for an RPG (I'm a game design major). He would be named Syrus and have decently long, blue hair if the system allows. He would also go towards using great swords or great axes if they are in the game, he would be a heavy melee DD.

Otherwise, I am deadset on acting on the Galka love and choosing Roegadyn. When I choose a "big" race or class in a game, I always tend to name my character Flak, though this time I am also considering Zirc and Razchet. I envision a Flak with dark brown hair/facial hair, a Zirc with grey or whire hair/facial hair, and a Razchet with auburn/red hair/facial hair. Roegadyn would also be interesting because my best friend is now leaning towards making a Miqo'te, and I think the two "one gender" races working together has a certain charm to it. She's deadset on being a tank, and while I want to be a sort of melee class, I think I may just try to focus on a mage because a big hulking mage Roegadyn could be pretty cool.

As far as city-states go, Limsa Lominsa is the clear choice for me at this point. I can't get a feel for Ul'dah yet and Gridania, though it seems more-so in a dark deep forest, reminds me too much of Windurst and I'm looking for something new this time. The idea of a port city by the sea full of sailors and fishermen appeals to me. And the text mentions ivory being a building block of Limsa Lominsa, and I think ivory looks pretty :P"


Megadeus: "Race: Probably Hyur male! Sometimes just being the same race as close to your own makes you feel more like you're in the game. Lalafell a close second, though.

With what characteristics will you customize your character? When I first made Musica, I wanted to make the best representation of me, but my "look" seemed to match 1/2 all the humes. If costumization proves to be very diverse, I'd play around with it to make my "look" but still have that unique charm. Dark brown hair and a little messy-like. Skin will be pretty light, but just a touch of natural brown, gentle (maybe spunky) eyes and face. Oh and a little short. I'm all for having fun with this character.

Where will you live? I'm leaning towards Gridania. Can't wait to ride the trolley thingies there! Ul'dah wasn't appealing to me at first, but just thinking of the desert-type city-state makes me giddy inside. I still believe Limsa-Lominsa is a Jeuno-like place.

What discipline will you follow and within which of its classes will you start? Disciples of Hand, if it proves to have fighting capabilities, would be where I stand. We don't know too much about these disciplines at the moment, but if I can be some sort of "Tools"/Chemist job (throw bombs for damage, throw potions to heal party), or a revamped Puppetmaster, I'm sold. :D

... if I can't be that, I'll wield a pole/polearm and some curative/enhancing magic. Whack, smack, cure! "


Hyanmen: "I'll be a Roegadyn from Limsa-Lominsa, named Pacifista.

I'll be a living fighting machine and use a Great Sword and a Gun named Annihilator to decimate everything on my way- for the True Peace.

I don't have any memory of my parents; I was found lying on a battlefield 15 years ago in the ruins of Ala Mhigo by a Duskwight Elezen rebel leader who raised me for the purpose of getting rid of the Hyur who have invaded the land of Hydaelyn, saying that only that way true peace can become a reality.

My hair will be silver and skin dark, and my character will be as large as possible. I'll have a swiss accent, and if I die, I'll be back."



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