Connect!On - Japanese Player Survey

If there is one thing that is not in short supply, it is rampant speculation.  Everyone wants to know everything about Square Enix's upcoming MMO, and Japanese players are no exception.

This month, Connect!On compiled a survey of its reader to see what they thought about Final Fantasy XIV and the information surrounding it so far.  There were six main topics: Life in Eorzea, Organizations, Race, Amoury System, Class and In the Media.

There was also a little speculation and debate going on between Connect!On staff as well.  Please note that there is no new information contained within this article.

Names have been presented as printed within the magazine with some [translation notes] provided for some of the more discernible aliases.

Read on to see what Japanese players had to say and discuss this in the ZAM forums.

Question 1: What kind of life would you like to lead in Final Fantasy XIV?

  • I want to pick and pluck at the buffet of content Eorzea will offer and try a little of everything. (*'-') ~ Genesic
  • I'm diving in like a madman the second it goes on sale and going straight for the rarest equipment and strongest monsters! ~ しあ
  • I want to be a crafter.  It looks like equipment is going to "weaken" and I could be a big help to players if I repair it for them. ~ 駆け出し [Novice]
  • I'm not going to rush to level my character, but rather take the time to experience the entirety of the game world. ~ DON
  • Since you can enjoy the game in shorter doses than FFXI required, I want to do a lot of partying. ~ はるぅ [Haru, quite possibly the same Haru who regularly draws FFXI fan comics]
  • I want to wear plain, civilian clothes instead of equipment all the time.  All the avatar customization has me psyched! ~ りか
  • I want to play with my friends from FFXI. ~ Chieru
  • I'm going to play at a relaxed pace, working as a Horticulturist. ~ ひややっこ
  • I want to enjoy a slower, more peaceful virtual lifestyle. ~ 奥さん [wife]
  • I want to feel a more clear transition of days. ~ onion corp
  • I'm going to be the greatest Gladiator ever! ~ 風の子 [Child of wind]
  • I want to take on some party vs. party action. ~ ひろたな

Question 2: What kind of organization would you like to join?

  • I want to try joining a group of fishermen.  My dream is to spend my days fishing up herring! ~ こしひかり
  • It would be pretty cool to join an organization where I could sail a ship and exterminate pirates. ~ ルシファー  [Lucifer]
  • An organization that acts as a middle-man between crafting and battling, helping to distribute goods. ~ にゃじら [nya is a cat's meow, and "jira" is the last two characters of ごじら/Godzilla.  This name could be a pun, like "Catzilla" :) ]
  • An organization similar to a crafting guild. ~ ちゃこ
  • An evil organization that sows the seeds of war. lol ~ SF
  • A guild that researches and develops magic. ~ Anton
  • One that functions as intelligence for the City State. ~ onion corp
  • An organization that collects rare items and equipment. ~ MYGOD
  • A construction team that makes architecture. ~ tarutarux
  • An organization that hunts for treasure! ~ るび [Ruby]

Question 3: What race would you like to play as?

  • I want a cat-like hunter that always catches its prey!  I'm a guy in real life, but I'm going to be Miqo'te, no question! ~ nipu
  • I'm going to play as a female Elezen - they're facial features left the greatest impression on me. ~ mure
  • An Elezen female.  Their necks aren't as elongated as Elvaan, which I think is a good thing. ~ 緑茶 [green tea]
  • I've decided on the cuddly and cute Lalefell female. ~ Xelha
  • Since I was a female Hume in XI, I'm going with the similar looking female Hyur. ~ ゆらぎ
  • If by some chance they add Miqo'te males, that's my choice (*'â–½') ~ あき

Question 4: What would you like to try within the Amoury System?

  • I plan to play with my family of three.  Between us, we'll try to cover all the bases. ~ 真木のKJ [真木/maki is a yew plum pine tree]
  • I want to switch weapons frequently and be able to adapt to any situation I face. ~ かふか [Kafka]
  • I'm really going to enjoy lighter classes like Blacksmith and Fisherman! ~ ふじたん
  • I want to be able to fight and do crafting as well. ~ ç·‹ç„”
  • I'm going to raise my character while enjoying solo play and party play. ~ ひぱ
  • My main will be Warrior, and sub will be Blacksmith! ~ じゃるな
  • I want to be a merchant that can cast magic. ~ Anton
  • I want to raise a character that is suited for solo play. ~ arabiq
  • I'm going to gather materials and earn lots of gil. ~ Alith

Question 5: Which class would you like to raise?

  • A Warrior-type class, of course.  I want to cut down my enemies!! ~ 羽田井人
  • I want to try raising a Horticulturist.  It would be fun if they could participate in battle.  They could strike from behind a swirling storm of flowers... or something lol ~ じね
  • I'm interested in Gladiator.  I wonder if they can dual wield. lol ~ Hazime
  • Blacksmith!  I want to become a famous crafter that produces high level weapons and armor. ~ 光琳坊 [the 光琳 is Ogata Kourin, a famous painter who pioneered a new artistic style]
  • I plan to focus on classes that aren't directly involved in battle!! ~ 蛇猫 [snake-cat]
  • I want to try a class like Magic Knight that is a hybrid between Warrior-types and Sorcerer-types. ~ ハレ
  • I want to combine Fisherman and Chef and and open shop as a Sushi Chef!! ~ SF
  • Fisherman.  It would be fun if in addition to fishing poles, you could also use nets and stuff. lol ~ 赤点赤

Question 6: Tell us how you feel about the recent influx of Final Fantasy XIV info!

  • I was surprised at how amazingly pretty the graphics are.  You can really sense that 7 years have passed. ~ 沙羅双樹 [sa-ra-sou-jyu, a sal tree]
  • With the ease of travel and variety of quest difficulty, I got the impression this game is very easy to enjoy. ~ ペコ太郎 [peko peko is the sound your stomach makes when you are hungry, and 太郎 ta-rou is a generic boy name]
  • When I saw those familiar races, I breathed a sign of relief. ~ DON
  • It looks like you can have fun simply wandering around the world and taking in the sights. ~ Yagudo Abbot
  • I was so happy to see how different it will be from FFXI, I shrieked with joy. ~ Yucky
  • I'm looking forward to a battle system that isn't hampered by a level system. ~ YOU
  • There may be a wide variety of ways to enjoy FFXIV, but I'm going with Gladiator and taking it to the top! ~ 風の子 [Child of Wind]
  • No question, a Lalafell Horticulturist is just too adorable!! ~ 燈 [lamp]
  • Since I enjoy soloing, I really hope they make something people can enjoy on their own. ~ べんじゃみん [Benjamin in hiragana]
  • Make it so you can ride wyverns! ~ 赤魔オンリー6å¹´ç›® [Red Mage only, 6 years running]


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