Digesting the Trailer, Chewing the Fat

Last week, Famitsu released its monthly Famitsu Wave DVD publication.  Included on the disc was belated, but welcome, video of the interview with Producer Tanaka and Director Komoto that took place at E3.  The interview had been written down by various Japanese media sites and paraphrased in a number of ways.  It was nice to see the actual Q&A session itself, but again, there was a lot missing because it was chopped up and reorganized into sections.  Still, it's not a bad way to spend 8 minutes, so you can check out the subtitled version of the video by clicking here.

The magazine that comes along with the DVD also had a page on Final Fantasy XIV.  Specifically, it was two Famitsu editors, Lupin Kojima and Shingo Noguchi, just chatting a bit and joking about their reactions to the official trailer and announcement.  Click below to check out what they had to say.

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Lupin: You see it?

Noguchi: Yea, I saw it.

Lupin: It was awesome.

Noguchi: Just scene after scene of this magnificent looking world.

Lupin: A true fantasy world.

Noguchi: According to Producer Tanaka, they're aiming for a high-fantasy and adventure set in the land of "Eorzea."

Lupin: Wait, so... what's that mean?

Noguchi: I think it means they've put together a completely original fantasy world.  It will have its own deep history, religions and other such elements all tied together.

Lupin: So, a completely different world apart from Final Fantasy XI.  The characters look like the ones from FFXI though...

Noguchi: On the surface, yes, but the races will be called something different.

Lupin: How about the story?

Noguchi: "[The world is] under the veil of a crimson shadow," and "You must join together, once again," seem to be the key phrases from the trailer.

Lupin: And also, "Sweet Mithra ass will save the world," right?

Noguchi: No.

Lupin: It's a "Final Fantasy" game, so it will have crystals, no doubt.

Noguchi: Of course, they are tied to the world as well.

Lupin: Those fight scenes were pretty impressive.  I don't know if it was a Mithra or what, but I'd like to get under her barrier.

Noguchi: We can expect some party vs. party fights like that one.  It looks to be a system where you are constantly reassessing your party role and battle tactics to fit the situation.

Lupin: Yea, I suck at that. (laugh)

Noguchi: Well, that's part of an online game.  You are dealing with other people and have to be able to think on your feet to be effective.  Working out strategies in real time is a defining part of the online experience.

Lupin: So what would you do if that giant fish thing from the trailer came at you?

Noguchi: Ah, the massive sea creature?  Could that possibly be Leviathan...?  There are a lot of mysteries yet to be solved.

Lupin: Not just in the ocean, the sky also looks pretty dangerous.

Noguchi: There were flying attack ships fighting against a bunch of monsters.  I wonder if players will be able to take part in a fight like that, or if it's just a cut-scene...  Either way, those ships doing battle in the sky already gives Eorzea quite a unique feel.

Lupin: It sure is awe-inspiring - being able to realize such a fantastic world inside an online game.  I bet people who never tried an online game before would be anxious to play.

Noguchi:  Technology has permeated our society so much now, almost everyone should have the hardware and Internet capability to try it out.  We live in a new global era where users around the world can work and play together without limitations.

Lupin: I don't know what you're talking about, but online games are pretty awesome these days!

Noguchi: Mark my words, Final Fantasy XIV shall become a flagship product - the vanguard of next-generation MMORPGs that will lead us into a new era of global online entertainment! 

Lupin: Yea, I still have no idea what you're saying. (laugh)



That's about it for this week!

While the endless recycling of news may be good for the planet, players are pretty hungry for new bits of information.  On the last page of Famitsu Wave, there was a ray of hope: Next month's issue will feature Final Fantasy XIV as the "Cover Game!" 

This leads me to believe there will be some exciting news in store for the Gamescom event being held this month in Europe.  Square Enix has also announced on their site that Final Fantasy XIV will be one of the games on display.  Whether it will be the trailer or something more is unknown at the time.  The ZAM team will have people at the event, so be sure to check back for the latest info!


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