Weekly Blog Round-Up

This week's blog round-up brings us a few new perspectives about what people are expecting from FFXIV. Take a look and let them know what you think!

I thought it was June 31st by Chromanin - Worried about FFXIV turning into yet another WoW clone, Chromanin shares his thoughts on one of our recently posted translations from Japan.

FFXIV by Keelut - After reading through the ZAM forums, Keelet was startled to find more than a few people with a burning hatred for casual gaming.

Character Growth and Development by Kimiko - Looking back into past Final Fantasy titles, Kimiko speculates about the FFXIV "character growth" system that's been hinted at by the developers.

FFXIV Commentary posted on Eorzeaphoria by Dan - A repost of his comment on Comic Earth's podcast Eorzeaphoria, Dan talks about what he feels were the biggest issues of FFXI that will need to be addressed in FFXIV.


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