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This week's Hot Threads:

UI design, will SE follow like the rest of the sheep?

Still burning from last week - this topic seems to have a lot of posters worked up! The discussion is now more focused on concerns about what did and did not work with the FFXI interface.


The Hearthstone, for those who don't know, is an item in World of Warcraft that allows a player to return to their home point. Final Fantasy XI has consumable items that have this ability but this item could be used again and again. Should Final Fantasy XIV incorporate a similar item?

Gear Swaps

In Final Fantasy XI, mages and melee alike are forced to carry multiple pieces of gear for different situations if they want to maximize the abilities of their job. This makes us write sets of macros to change the gear around since doing it manually would take too long. Does this aspect of the game add to the experience by making battles more dynamic or does it take away by making things too complicated?


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