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This thread is still going! The discussion has also spread to other movement possibilities, such as the ability to swim or fly. Even the ability to cast magic while walking has been brought up, which spawned another topic...

Moving while casting.

Should it even be considered? Most MMORPGs -- perhaps even all of them -- require your character to be still while casting a spell. However, isn't it annoying to have a spell interrupted by taking a single step? Perhaps casting while walking should be allowed for lower level magic, or maybe the spell should be paused while you're moving. Maybe it's fine the way it is?

UI design, will SE follow like the rest of the sheep?

Many gamers within the MMO community are frustrated by how many promising titles turn out to be World of Warcraft clones, all the way down to the user interface. How would you react if FFXIV felt like World of Warcraft? Would Square Enix do such a thing? What parts of the FFXI user interface would you like to see in FFXIV? Is there anything new you'd like to see in the user interface?

Auction House

Player-driven economies have become standard in MMORPGs, but different games have slightly different systems for allowing players to exchange currency and items. Should the auction house system from FFXI be carried over to FFXIV without any changes?


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