Weekly Blog Round-Up

This week the buzz is all about the beta rumor, but blogs have still been writing about their hopes and suggestions for the game. Here's this week's blog round-up!

How to Make Sure Final Fantasy XIV Doesn't Suck by Hiro

Following up with four more parts to his seven part series on the game, Hiro delves into four more aspects of FFXI. If you enjoyed his first article, check out Part 2: Story, Part 3: Job System, Part 4: Character Growth, and Part 5: The World.

How Final Fantasy XIV Can Surpass Final Fantasy XI - by Maiku H.

Maiku looks into the best parts of FFXI and how these things can be used to make FFXIV a much better game.

Final Nostalgia - by Faulsey

Faulsey looks back on the jobs and group play vs. solo play.

Final Fantasy XIV Online – XI’s Redemption and Why Now’s the Time for It by Balloo

Was Final Fantasy XI really hindered by internet connectivity?! Why are people disappointed in another online Final Fantasy title?

Back with some Final Fantasy Talk! by Rain

Rain expresses deep disappointment in FFXIV being an online game. Do you share the same sentiment?


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